Ecommerce Mistakes to Avoid during Holiday Season


Retailers, both online and brick and mortar store owners, generally capitalize on the Holiday season. However, there may be times when the strategies may backfire. Despite the planning involved, not everything may be smooth sailing. There may be errors that could hamper transactions and cause inordinate delays.

We have listed a few key issues, which you need to; take care of this holiday season.

You need to perform stress tests regularly on your system, to ensure that you ecommerce platform is robust enough to handle a huge influx of visitors at any given point of time.

Mobile Optimization for your website is very essential. Today customer shop more on their handheld devices than their desktop. If they have a poor experience, they would not recommend your website.

Marketing and advertising should be different as compare to regular. Special holiday offers and schemes should form the highlight of your advertising and marketing campaign. If there were nothing, new in them, customers would not be interested.

The holiday season is a gifting season. You need to offer gift-wrapping and packaging to customers. This gesture will not only add value but also make customers happy.

Make checkout a breeze. If the steps involved at checkout are simple and fast, customers will be encouraged to shop more.

Deliveries during holiday seasons are time bound, so you need to specify the delivery dates clearly. You also need to highlight your return policy, so it will give customer more time to return products purchased during the holiday season.

It is always better to gear up before the holiday season and get everything in ship shape so that you can capitalize the most in the holiday season. How well you prepare, decides how well your e-Commerce platform performs.

ecommerce mistake

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